Lebanon County’s ONE TRULY LOCAL Newspaper

Introducing the new Lebanon County Bulletin

January 31, 2024

FREDERICKSBURG – Today we introduce the successor to our bi-weekly paper. Today we launch the new, weekly Lebanon County Bulletin.

Since beginning to cover our community in February 2023, to launching our printed paper in May 2023, and for each of the last nine months we’ve been continuously publishing, we have heard time and time again: Local readers want a printed newspaper!

As part of this launch of our latest and greatest iteration, the weekly Lebanon County Bulletin, the rightful successor to our previous work with the bi-weekly Lebanon County Bulletin and the Northern Lebanon Bulletin before that, we are teaming up with LebTown to offer even more value to our esteemed advertisers and readers.

You will still find the local happenings, the editorial comment, and the announcements and commercial advertising you’ve come to expect over the last nine months. Starting this week, you will also find journalism from the independent, online newsroom LebTown.com, which has established itself since its founding in 2018 as the county’s top journalistic watchdog. LebTown’s newsroom is advertiser-supported and member-driven and we will be working closely with them to give Lebanon County a “best of both” approach to local news which leverages the strengths of both print and digital to make the largest and most positive impact on our community possible.

As we are launching this new weekly successor paper today, you will continue to find the Bulletin for purchase at a fixed price by visiting a number of retail locations across the county, and you can also subscribe for a fixed price per year to have the paper delivered to your house by the United States Postal Service as second class mail.

With our increase of publication frequency, we will also be increasing our subscription price accordingly to $60 per year at some point in the future. Sign up now to get a $10 discount on a subscription. You can subscribe here. (Existing subscribers may be migrated to our new subscription management system in the coming months.)

We are proud to be building on our nine months of continuous publication with this exciting launch. Do you have other feedback or ideas for us? Contact us here. And if you are a business owner, or somebody with something else to promote, consider advertising with Lebanon County’s one truly local newspaper.